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Watch for L.O.V.E. body language signs to know if they're into you

What to know if your date is into you? Watch for any of the L.O.V.E. body language cues. Blanca Cobb explains.

It's the beginning of February and many people are starting to think about Valentine's Day. If you're dating then you might be wondering if your date is into you. Check out the L.O.V.E. body language signs for clues. 

L - lean in. When you're interested in someone you tend to get closer to them. 

O - open body language. Leaving your hands open and not blocking your body with anything like standing behind a chair also shows interest. Open body language makes you approachable. 

V - voice. With your voice you can convey interest and can tell if someone is being flirty.

E-eye contact. When you can't your eyes off of someone is a clue that they might be into you.

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