Body Language Signs Of Intimidation

Tomorrow is National Stop Bullying Day. As we know, many kids are bullied at school and even in their neighborhoods. When you think of bullies, you tend to think of physical fights. Not all bullying is straight combat. Many bullies will intimidate to get your kids to do what they want.

Here are a few signs of intimidation that your kids should look for.

1) Invading personal space. Getting physically close is uncomfortable for many kids. When you feel uncomfortable or threatened then you naturally step back or pull away or turn your body away. This avoidance response lets the bullies that they got you.

2) Staring you down. Remember the stare down contests you had as kids and the 1st person who looked away lost. This holds true for bullies. Once you’re in an eye lock - They’ll stare you down with a harshness, glare, tight eyelids.

3) Bumping into you. Accidentally on purpose, that is. School halls are crowded, kids rushing to get to their classes so you accidentally get pushed, shoved or bumped. You’re either looked as if it’s your fault or the bully gives you a wicked smile as they continue walking.

These are a few possible signs of intimidation that your kids should look out for.

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