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'Our goal is to uplift fallen humanity' | Guns down gloves up boxing event focused on curbing gun violence

The pop-up boxing event 'Rumble in the Buck' is coming to Greensboro to influence youth to find healthier ways to deal with conflict.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Hopping in the boxing ring in hopes of keeping kids off the streets.

It's the goal of a new community initiative happening around the Triad.

Community leaders tired of the gun violence are challenging youth to take their frustration out in a better way, by hosting traveling boxing events to knock out the problem of youth picking up guns.

Greensboro's Fanta City Event Center is where sparing will take place.

Jamaul Vinson Bey is the mind behind the traveling event.

“Boxing brings a high level of energy. What we're displaying is we can have high level energy but control it," Vinson Bey said. "Just be in control and govern ourselves accordingly. It's an aggressive sport but you touch gloves and its over. It gives a common ground." 

Vinson Bey believed he could do more to make our communities safer.

So he did and came up with ‘Rumble in the Buck’, the gun violence prevention pop up event.

Great time at Rumble in the Buck, event of a lifetime with true community reach... Carolina Bulldogs proud to be a part of this ❤️💙🏀 #GlovesUpGunsDown

Posted by Andre White on Monday, April 5, 2021

Each punch is an attempt to keep kids on the right track and as Vinson Bey said uplift fallen humanity.

“It will bring awareness to the community that there are other outlets and things we can do. We don't have to solve our problems out in front of everyone,” Vinson Bey said. "We can have a community event with kids, families, moms and dad here. Will it stop all gun violence? No, I don't think that but It gives us another options of something to do one Friday. That Friday will give us another option. So for that day we'll win.”

The first series of fights were held in Burlington North Carolina in April.

July 2 they'll set up in Greensboro.

Vinson bey said it'll be a hub where the whole community can come together to watch the art of  boxing and give folks a place to push their businesses. 

A variety of  brands and local vendors will set up at the event as well.  

Anthony Morgan a community activist supports the effort.

He said it opens the door for unity and love and brings awareness to systemic issues plaguing our communities.

"The people out here dying in the streets and getting killed  we look just like them we have relationships with them and these gangs," Morgan said. "So we hope we can create an environment where everyone can come together and see that we love each other and the fight we're dealing with is mental oppression and systemic oppression." 

The first fight begins at 6:00 p.m. and will end at 9:30 p.m.

Tickets are not on sale yet but we'll have the link attached to this story when they become available. 

Money raised will go to a local non-profit and youth AAU basketball team.