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Breaking wedding traditions can cause conflict: ways to handle

If you choose not to follow wedding traditions then could cause some conflict. Blanca Cobb gives suggestions on ways to handle.

February is the month of love. Without a doubt, this means that there will be some couples who will get engaged and start planning their wedding. According to USA Today, many couples are ditching traditional weddings to make them more modern that suits their preferences. 

Couples are having destination weddings, a place that's important to them. Some brides chose not to have bridesmaids or the groom won't throw the garter. Other couples may not splurge on a fancy reception. These are a few examples of breaking tradition.

There might be some family and friends who might not like your decisions. This happens because there is a clash of expectations. For example, your mom might want to make some of the decisions. You both might argue about the type of flowers to have at your wedding. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you don't owe anyone an explanation about your decisions. It's your wedding.

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