GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Scott Silknitter from Caregiving 101 and Tom Garcia from Southern Evergreen teamed up to show caregivers ways to deliver meaningful activities that can give our loved one purpose while

A must for any family member caring for a loved one with dementia at home is to help their loved one engage in an activity. One of the best ways to figure out an activity which will be of interest to our loved one is to look at their past hobbies and occupation.

If our loved one was a handyman, a tinkerer, an electrician or a mechanic, chances are they took things apart and put them together throughout their lives.

Many family caregivers have probably found lamps of radios or toaster overs that were taken apart by their loved one for no apparent reason.

Instead of becoming aggravated, we need to validate our loved ones desire to “do something”. We all need to feel like we have a purpose. Instead of getting angry at our loved one, we can set up a work station in the house and gather old appliance and lamps to let them take apart and “fix. This can become their”job” it can give them a reason to gt up in the morning and get dressed. It can lead to a positive attitude and happier person with fewer behavioral outbursts because they are doing something they enjoy.

Of course, caregivers don’t want their loved one taking apart expensive items around the house. Caregivers can stop by any thrift shop to pick up donated toaster or lamps or other small appliances and place them in their loved one’s work area one at a time so there is an ongoing flow of work to give their loved one a purpose.

Empowering our loved one to be successful in any activity can help make provide a higher quality of life for both of you.