GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) is making changes to 14 out of the system's 17 daily routes starting Monday, August, 5.

In a press release, GTA says the Greensboro Transit Advisory Commission voted in favor of the changes following a public hearing at the May 2019 meeting. The changes are part of the Mobility Greensboro 2040 Short Term Transit Plan.

All but routes 6, 9 and 15 are affected by the changes and have either been rerouted or had stops removed or replaced. The biggest changes are to routes 4, 12 and 13. Former route 13, which Miss Wilson uses, is now part of route 4, making it longer.

Route 12 used to include all service on Randleman Road, but new route 13 will take over the stretch of Randleman Road between Warnersville and Elmsley.

GTA says one of the most prominent changes of the system is how they will split up "the consistently overcrowded" Route 12 that serves S. Elm-Eugene and Randleman Road. Route 12 will continue to serve S. Elm-Eugene while the new Route 13 on Randleman Road "will provide coverage along this growing corridor."

Irene Wilson rides routes 4 and 13 religiously. She started using the bus system when paying for a disability van became too costly. 

"Just everything you could think of that you would do, that's what I do! But I just have to take the bus and do it," Wilson says.

And with the majority of the bus routes changing for Miss Wilson, and for the thousands who rely on public transit in Greensboro every day, she's not on board with it.

"I don’t specifically where the stops are going to be, so I’m going to be here Monday morning hunting like other people," she says. "I’m gonna have to start early so I can make it to my doctor’s appointments because I don’t know where the buses are going particularly."

With the support of a group called Working America, local bus riders like Miss Wilson are speaking up against the changes, saying the Greensboro City Council didn't hold a "promised" public comment period before approving changes to routes 4 and 13. According to Working America, the changes will shorten routes 4 and 13 and take two buses off the routes, making stops farther apart and causing longer wait times.

"Low-income Greensboro residents who live farther away from downtown and whose livelihood depends on GTA public buses will be disproportionately affected by these changes," Working America shared in a press release.

GTA, however, says all routes will continue to have the same number of buses running fr each route. Staff will be available at the Depot over the next week to provide education on the upcoming changes. All fares are waived Monday, August 5 as riders learn the new routes.

Here's what's new:

Route 1: Spring Garden Street/West Wendover Ave.

  • New service along Spring Garden St between UNCG and Downtown.
  • Outbound portion of Spring Garden between Merritt and Wendover rerouted along Clifton and Hewitt streets.
  • No more service from this route along Friendly, West Market or Josephine Boyd

Route 2: Four Seasons Town Centre

  • New inbound service on Meadowview to NC Career Works
  • New inbound/outbound service on West Gate City Blvd. added. Transfer locations with Routes 1 and 11
  • Route 2 will no longer serve Four Seasons, Creek Ridge, or Vandalia. Instead, use Route 12A. Transfer location available at Vanstory and Michelle Ln
  • No service down Spring Garden, Tate or Walker

Route 3: North Elm/Church Street

  • New inbound service on Fisher Ave to Eugene St
  • New outbound service on Northwood and Church St
  • Service to Golden Gate Shopping Center only on Church Street
  • Routing along North Elm between Northwood and Cornwallis eliminated.
  • Greenbriar and Flint stops have been replaced with new outbound service on Berryman to North Elm.

Route 4: MLK Jr. Drive/Benbow Road/Willow Road

  • Former Route 13 MLK incorporated into Route 4.
  • Route ends at Hayes-taylor YMC on E

Route 5: Gorrell Street

  • New inbound service from Huffine Mill to East Market to Lowdermilk.
  • New outbound stop added down Franklin Blvd to East Bessemer.
  • Riders in the Pine Street area will need to walk to Lowdermilk for Route 5 or East Market Street to Route 10.

Route 7: Friendly Avenue

  • New outbound Wesley Long stop on the corner of Friendly and Elam.
  • New outbound service down Friendly Avenue.
  • No more service down Westover Terrace, Benjamin or Elam

Route 8: Battleground Avenue

  • New loop added to outbound service from Old Battleground to Cotswald.
  • New outbound service down Westover to Battleground.
  • Weekday and Saturday service will no longer travel on Green Valley.

Route 10: East Market Street

  • New outbound service to stay on East market Street.
  • No more service down Pine, Dawson or Central. Use Route 5 instead for this area.
  • Routes 10 and 5 will meet on Huffine Mill and East Market with multiple transfer locations.

Route 11: Gate City Blvd

  • New outbound service on Gate City Blvd will continue past Meadowview. 
  • Service to the NC Career Works now provided by Route 2.

Route 12: South Elm-Eugene

  • Route 12 has been divided into two separate routes.
  • New route 12 features 30-minute inbound and outbound service along South Elm-Eugene St.
  • Routing added along Arlington and S. Elm, and from JJ Dr to Elmsley without changing buses at home Depot.
  • No route 12 service down Vandalia.

Route 13: Randleman Road

  • New route travels length of Randleman Road from the Warnersville community to Elmsley.
  • New inbound and outbound service every 30 minutes.
  • No more direct service on Terrell.
  • Route 13 will connect with Route 12 and 12A at Elmsley.
  • Former Route 12 inbound from Mobile to the Depot maintained by new Route 13.

Route 14: Bessemer Ave/Phillips Ave

  • New inbound service from Lindsay to Church and into Depot.
  • No more service on Greene Street.

Route 17: Lawndale Avenue

  • End of line moved to Cottage Place and Lake Jeanette roundabout.
  • No more service on Lawndale, north of Cottage Place.