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Co-parenting with an ex you don't like

You think divorce is hard. What about co-parenting with your ex who you don't like? Blanca Cobb shares tips.

If only divorce really meant no more contact. Meaning there was no need to talk to your ex. That isn't the case if you share kids and are co-parenting with your ex who you don't like. 

Lingering anger, resentment, and bitterness can influence your interactions with your ex. These feelings can make your interactions a bit punchy. By punchy I mean mean-spirited words. 

A good way to keep your emotions in check when you interact with your ex is to focus on your kids. Remind yourself that you're interacting with your ex-spouse to communicate about your children. If your ex pushes your buttons, keep your emotions in check. Instead of talking, communicate via email and text. Don't communicate when you're angry because you may use inflammatory words. Stick to communication about your kids only.

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