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Friends Vs. Family For The Holidays

The holidays are suppose to be family time, but your teens and college kids may not seem to think so. Ways to handle when they want to spend more time with friends.

The holidays are all about spending time with family. Except some kids, particularly those who are home from college for the holiday break, would rather spend time with friends or their romantic partner. As a parent, this can be frustrating. 

The reason this seems to be a big problem is because of unspoken expectations. You think that your kids will be spending time at home and they're thinking that home is a pit stop. They're thinking that they'll be bouncing from friends to friends or hanging with their romantic partner. 

You and your kids should have an understanding. This means that as a parent, you recognize that your kids will be wanting to do other things - hang with friends. Before they come home, tell them that you'd like for them to spend time with the family and you understand that they'll be doing other things. Figure out how to do this before problems start. 

Sometimes things don't go as planned. This means that your kid wants to make last minute plans with friends and that cuts into your time. These are tough situations. Try not to take it personally. Talk to your kid about other time. Explain that you uinderstand things change, but family time is important too. 

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