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A Communications Makeover: speaking with more intention

How you can more effectively get your point across, with Blanca Cobb

We hear much about makeovers, whether for your home or yourself, such as hair or make-up. But what about a communication makeover, specifically, the words we use. Do you say what you mean?

A communication makeover helps ensure you send the messages you think you are, minimizing miscommunication. Many times, ambiguity is the culprit of miscommunication because what you think you communicate isn’t what the other person understood.

Certain words such as maybe, perhaps, or possibly don’t convey that you mean what you say. And it takes away someone’s confidence in you. Saying, “Maybe I’ll go out this weekend,” isn’t the same a,s “yes, I’m gonna go out this weekend.” This becomes a problem when your friend doesn’t call you to finalize plans for the weekend and when you talk to them, you say, “What happened? I waited for you to call because I thought we were going out.” And they say, “That isn’t what it sounded like to me when we talked last. I thought you weren’t interested, so I made other plans.”

To make sure that someone understands what you’re saying, ask them. After you explain or say whatever is on your mind, ask them if they understand. And if they don’t get something, then reexplain it.

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