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Debt sucks: financial tips during military deployment

WFMY News 2's debt expert Ja'Net Adams shares a few tips that may help.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Heroes are the ones that go above and beyond everyone else.  A few weeks ago the mightiest heroes among us had to leave with little notice to go perform a job that many of us would never have the courage to do. 

Having to just get up and leave can have a negative effect on your finances so I want to share a few tips that may help. WFMY News 2's debt expert Ja'Net Adams shares a few tips that may help.

Use Extra Resources:

During this difficult time, those who become deployed more than likely will receive extra pay as a part of being deployed. For those with families, the money, of course, can be used for bills, but also focus on building an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund of $500-$1,500 can take a lot of stress off the household if an emergency here in the states happens. For the soldiers who only have themselves to take care of, they should do the same and build an emergency fund for life when they return home.

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Use This Time To Cut Back:

This tip is all about minimizing the financial stress at home so that the deployed soldier can stay focused on their job. Look at the expenses of the entire family and see what can be cut back. Can we eat out one less day this week? Can we be conscious of the amount of water we are using? For those soldiers who don't have spouses or children have someone, you trust to look at your expenses and cut them back for you.

Use Those Around You:

This tip is for those who are deployed and for those that are connected to the soldier who is deployed. For those here look to the resources that are around you. If someone wants to cook dinner for your family let them. If a family member wants to help you with the children so that you can get some necessary rest, let them. For those of us who know people that are deployed, we should do our part as well. Write letters to soldiers, send care packages, and help those who are still here waiting patiently on their soldier to return.

You can find more tips from Ja'Net Adams online, by clicking here.