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Debt Sucks: Stop Overspending In The Name of Love

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. But because it’s a commercial holiday, it is also about spending money. Money expert Ja'Net Adams offers some advice to help you identify what's really important.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The National Retail Federation says the average person will spend $136 or more on Valentine's Day.  If you're on a budget that's way too much!

So the Good Morning Show brought in our money expert Ja'Net Adams to offer some advice before your spending for this one day holiday gets out control.

"It is that time of the year again.  Where lovebirds show each other how much they mean to one another by spending a lot of money. The average lovebird will spend $136 this year and a total of $18 Billion dollars will be spent! Many people use this day to let money prove their love, but I want to share some other ways that you can prove your love," said Adams.

Whether you're dating, married or a parent, there's a way you can show your love without breaking the bank.

Adams who wrote the book, The Money Attractor, offers advice on how to identify what's important.

The dating crowd:

"If you are with someone that you are serious with then Valentine's Day should be the time that you show them what a future with you looks like," said Adams.

"So many times people wine and dine, someone, while they are dating and then when marriage comes it stops because they can't afford to do it anymore. Instead of creating that image now use this Valentine's Day to show your significant other how financially sound a future with you could be!" 

Married Couples:

"An expensive dinner out does not show how much love you have for one another," says Adams.  "Having a solid financial future and accomplishing your dreams show real love. This Valentine's Day sit down at the table and make a plan of how you are going to make your wildest dreams a reality."

Adams says if you want to retire early, you should use $136 average to put towards your retirement savings. Maybe you want to travel overseas? Adams says to use that $136 towards the purchase of two passports.


"Generational wealth is the best Valentine's Day gift you can give your children. Spend Valentine's Day opening up a savings account for them and even put the first $10 in it for them or better yet take the money you were going to spend on Valentine's Day and put it in the account. This will teach your children the value of money!"

You can find more tips from Ja'Net Adams online by clicking here.

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