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Divorce Rates Skyrocket In January

Statistics show that divorce rates go up in the month of January. Our body language expert, Blanca Cobb, discusses how you can tell your spouse that you want a divorce.

The new year can be chaotic for some married couples. Divorce rates peak in January according to the Legal Services Commission. They say they see the most filings on the first day that kids return to school. We're exploring reasons why and the steps to take if you want to call it quits or are starting the year on a much happier note. 

Many couples stay together during December to avoid disrupting the holidays for their kids. They try to hide the tension they're feeling.

If you want to call it quits then tell your spouse. Make sure you use language that reflects finality. If not then your spouse might think that there's still hope. Be gentle and yet, firm about your decision. If your spouse doesn't want the divorce they might have difficulty accepting your decision. Empathize with how they're feeling and stick to your position. 

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