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Dealing with a relationship embarrassment

Celebrities aren't the only ones who deal with embarrassment in their relatioships. How to deal with embarrassment when you or your partner mess up.

Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, recently made their first public appearance after the scandal of Justin and his co-star getting a bit flirty with each other. But, it's not just celebrities who deal with public embarrassment. It can happen to you if either you or your partner mess up. 

Naturally, after a scandal when you and your partner go out in public, you might feel a bit unsure. In the photo of Justin and Jessica, you can see that their torsos are facing each other, which is a good sign. Showing that they're connecting. Justin's hand is semi-balled up in a fist, which is a natural way to that your hand lays by your side. This suggests that he's feeling a bit tensed. Jessica looks like she's about to walk out of her shoe, which suggests that she's ready to leave. 

When you're out in public after a mess up in your relationship that people know about, then expect for people to pass judgment and/or ask questions. You can't control what someone does, but you can control how you respond. You don't owe anyone an explanation. The best thing is to ignore the comments, stares and questions.

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