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Emotional Intelligence Can Lead To More Wins In Life

Having strong people skills and the ability to regulate your emotions leads to stronger relationships and decreased stress.

Emotional intelligence awareness is celebrated in October. We hear that emotional intelligence is important for your success in life. Emotional intelligence is people skills and your ability to regulate your own emotions.

You can be wicked smart and not succeed in life. You see, success is more than what you know, it's how you interact with people and how you control your own emotions. Life is about people. People have the solutions to life's problems. When you can be sensitive to others, read others, get along with others then you'll have more success. You'll have solid relationships and be able to keep a job. 

If you don't have people skills then you're going to have problems. Not only will there be more stress in relationships, but you can also have psychosomatic complaints. If you bottle up your emotions, what happens? You get stressed, you're unhappy, angry, irritable, sensitive and touchy. Negative emotions can impact your ability to concentrate. Cortisol levels (stress hormone) can increase as well as your blood pressure.

You can Improve emotional intelligence. Learn to identify your own emotions and how they impact your ability to relate to others. What does your body do when you feel certain ways? How does that interfere with your relationships? Think of ways to counterbalance those negative feelings. What can you do that's positive? And learn to identify emotions in others. 

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