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Family Tension In Baby Archie's Christening Photo?

Even though the Royal family kept Baby Archie's christening private, photos reveal some tension. Blanca Cobb, body language expert, explains.

If you haven't heard, Baby Archie, son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was christened this weekend. Although the ceremony was private, we did get a glimpse of the royal family. Let's take a look at what the photos reveal. 

The way Meghan is looking at Harry is one of adoration. She takes him in with her eyes. Harry has his hand on Meghan's arm as if to both draw her close (I'm never letting you go) and to ground himself (for his own support). Meghan has her chin touching her son's head, which is a way to connect with him.

There's muchado about Prince William's facial expression. Yes, he doesn't have a pleasant look on his face. Posed photos of many different people and a baby can be difficult to get everyone smiling at the same time. I imagine that William wasn't the focus of the photo since it was Baby Archie's christening. So let's put smiles aside and focus on the hands of Harry and Meghan and of William and Kate. As I say, hands are like an emotional barometer. Look at Harry and Megan's hands - soft, no tension in fingers, natural curavature. Compare that to William and Kate's - clasped with one hand hidden. More formal and guarded gestures. This means that Kate and William are much more formal and look a bit tense. However, you don't the reason why.

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