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Triad Girl Scouts get creative selling cookies during the pandemic

Nine-year-old Gibsonville Girl Scout, Ava Jo Lowe came up with a safe solution to selling cookies during the COVID-19 pandemic

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Imagine your cookie craving is out of control, but your Girl Scout order is weeks out.  A Gibsonville Girl Scout came up with a solution, so you never have to wait for cookies again.

Ava Jo Lowe's Girl Scout Cookie Drive-thru is open for business.  With traditional door sales nixed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 9-year-old turned her mom's storefront into a drive-thru cookie sales center.  

She explained how it works.

"You drive up and you call the number that's on the board and you say what you like and I'll bring it out.  You need exact change or Venmo," she said.

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With COVID changing the way everyone shops and interacts, Ava Jo knew she had to get creative in order to reach her sales goals.  Once she saw her mom driving up to get groceries, she knew she could do the same with her cookies.

And the best part, she's staying safe.

"I always wear a mask when I do it and sometimes people come up to the window, some people just stay in their car and I deliver it to them," she said.

Her strategy is working.  The 9-year-old entrepreneur is about 200 boxes away from reaching her season sales goal which proves that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Scout cookie season is not crumbling.

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If you're looking for cookies, you can stop by the Handy Nandy's Crafting and Supply Shop located at 117 Lewis Street in Gibsonville.  Once you arrive, call the number on the window, place your order and then drive off with your cookies.

You can also support our local Girl Scouts by ordering cookies online here.