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Girl Scouts unveil new Toast-Yay! Cookie

The new Toast-Yay! French toast-flavored Girl Scout Cookie provides a bust of cinnamon and comfort in the new year

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Girl Scouts rolled out the new Toast-Yay cookie this year!  The leadership organization for young girls calls it the perfect combination of breakfast and dessert.

The cinnamon French-toast inspired cookie reminds some Girl Scouts of a popular cereal.

"The new cookie is shaped like a little piece of toast and it's based on Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal," said Sadie Byrd from Troop 10740 in Conover.  

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The new cookie is selling in North Carolina and only a few other markets. June Sisk is the Outside Recruitment Manager for Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont. She said the cookie delivers a new taste that people are craving. 

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"It was time.  It was time to bring something new. We did a lot of testing and this is just what the public wanted," said Sisk.

The Toast-Yay! cookie is becoming popular along with other cookie favorites: Thin Mints, Shortbreads, and Lemonades.  But of course, with anything new, the Toast-Yay is drawing mixed reviews.

"My brother and my mom, they love them, but they're not really my cookie," said Isabella Garcia Dos Santos.  Thin Mints continue to be her favorite cookie, but the Girl Scout from Troop 42504 in Asheville, is confident, if you like cinnamon, then you'll love this new cookie.

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"Even if it's not your favorite cookie, it's going to be someone's favorite cookie because it is really good.  I'm not even a big cinnamon fan but that cookie is awesome," said Sisk.

Cookie orders started December 15 and will remain on sale through the first part of March.  Cookies are $5 a box.  You can check out the Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont page here for more information.