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Upside Of Stress: It Isn't All Bad

Not all stress is bad. Some stress is good and can keep you motivated and focused.

When you hear the word "stress", you typically think of bad stress. Bad stress is feeling worry and apprehension about stressors like illnesses, not having enough money, working a lot. 

What you may not realize is that not all stress is bad stress. Some stress can be good. Good stress is like anticipatory stress - job promotion, vacation spot you're never been to before, going on a date. It's different from bad stress bc bad stress is like dread, worry, fear. Good stress can keep you motivated and focused. 

To keep good stress from turning bad, monitor how you're feeling. A good situation can turn bad if you don't control how it impacts you. Let's say you're up for a job promotion, but you can't stop worrying. It becomes obsessive where it's interferring with your everyday life. In these situations then you'd benefit from self-care such as relaxation or meditation.

Stress can impact your body language When you're feeling good stress, you tend to show open body language and gravity defying gestures. When you're feeling bad stress, you tend to show closed body language where you pull into yourself as a protective gesture. 

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