GREENSBORO, N.C. — By this Sunday, the entire graduating class of 2019 for Guilford County Schools will have received their diplomas.  This year's graduating class is one of the largest with more than 5,500 students bringing in millions of dollars in scholarship money.

The district recognized some of those students Wednesday before their rehearsal.  Thursday, GCS Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras talked about the accomplishments on the Good Morning Show.

Dr. Contreras says students did very well finding and securing college scholarships.

"The entire community is proud of our seniors.  We have approximately 5,500 and they have a record-breaking amount of scholarship and grant money amounting to $190 million," said Dr. Contreras.  The superintendent says schools including Northwest Guilford, Dudley and Smith High Schools doubled the amount of scholarship money they are receiving this year.

Jamisa Williams is the Principal at the STEM Early College at N.C. A&T which is ranked #3 in the state in terms of academic achievement.

Principal Williams says she starts preparing and coaching her students about finding scholarships as early as their freshmen year.

"We talk to them about how to become a compelling applicant.  And what that means is beyond the academics, what are you doing in your community to broaden your scope in terms of the admissions officers and the scholarship agents, so that's one of the key things we do, starting with 9th graders," said Williams.

Dr. Contreras says community outreach is always one of the district's top priorities.  She and Principal Williams talked about an event this Sunday to encourage girls, especially to exercise.

"GirlTrek is a national movement for women of color to address the issue of our dismal health care statistics.  So on Sunday, we will be getting together to walk the neighborhood and show everyone that we represent as well," said Williams.

"This initiative is specifically for women of color and in order to close the achievement gap we must close the health gap," said Contreras.

You can join the Greensboro GirlTrek event this Sunday, June 9, 2019, at the  Global Learning Center on the Bennette College campus at 7 a.m.  It is free.

To learn more about it and how to get involved, click here.