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Help your heart health by focusing on mental health

Stress can negatively impact your heart. Because of the pandemic, stress levels are at all-time highs.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — February is heart health month. We know that there are certain risk factors such as eating fatty foods, smoking, lack of exercise, weight gain can contribute to heart problems. Once you know what your risk factors, you can make lifestyle changes to decrease your risk.

Stress from the pandemic has led to an increase in mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Last month, the American Health Association released a scientific statement that there’s data that shows a connection between heart health and mental health. And mental health problems are connected to heart problems. What this means is that it’s important to reduce stress and take care of your mental health.

Here are a few suggestions to reduce emotional stress and strengthen your mental health. When it comes to your emotional health, process negative emotions. Keeping negative feelings inside can compound stress. Talk to someone about what’s weighing you down. You’ve heard this a million times, but exercise at least 3 times per week – brisk walks, gym workout, workout at home, get enough sleep, eat right.

Find activities that use more than one sense such as journaling where you’re writing or typing (kinesthetic), you’re seeing what you’re writing or typing (visual), and you’re listening to keyboard or pen/pencil moving across paper (auditory). Dancing where you’re listening to music (auditory), moving (kinesthetic) and visual (watching movement).  

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