It's no secret that most relationships take work. It takes a lot of communication and compromise to make things work.

On Sunday morning, we have Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman joining us to talk about helpful rules for successful relationships!

Jill says the number one key to having a healthy relationship includes:

Each partner maintains their own identity "Be Yourself."

Remain present and in the moment.

Establish your highest consciousness by expanding your vision. Expect great things!

Keep in mind that what is meant for you remains with you. If it goes away it was never yours.

Jill also discusses the rules partners often ignore or take for granted. They include compromise, respect, the ability to discuss serious topics and the ability to agree to disagree and/or problem solve and let it go.

Jill says some rules that are helpful in developing and maintaining healthy relationships involve:

Work towards forgiveness and letting go of your past.

Understand better how women and men process information.

View all relationships as being human. Never compare!

View failures and successes as part of the process.

Continue to focus on the goals you have with one another.

Jill White-Huffman, Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist

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