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Guilford County elementary school sisters publish their first book

The sisters from High Point love to read and write! The elementary school students published their first book about their baby brother and his missing bottle!

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A trio of Guilford County sisters is taking their love of reading and writing a step further, publishing their first book.

The Quick sisters have different interests. The youngest, Taylor, wants to be a gymnast. Middle sister Kennedy wants to be an actress, while big sister Victoria loves art. But they combined their talents to write about the one person in the family who seems to stir the most trouble; their baby brother and his missing baby bottle.

"My baby brother Orick throws everything around everywhere. He hides his baby bottle under the couch, and he hides it everywhere!" Victoria said. "Sometimes, it's tough for us to find the baby bottle, and it might take a while to find it. And that's how we came up with the title."

The Triangle Lake Montessori Elementary School students wrote their first book based on their lives and their love for one another.

"We all wanted to do a book together because we've always dreamed of doing a book," Victoria, who's in the 5th grade, said.

"It was amazing to help with the book and an excellent experience doing it with my sisters and creating a book about our family and us," said Kennedy, who's in the 3rd grade.

Along with their younger sister, Taylor, who's in preschool, the now-published authors are enjoying their success.

"They were like, 'Oh, you wrote a book! That's amazing!'  Everyone was asking me questions about it, and I was just really excited," Victoria said.

"It makes me happy because they read our book, and it brings me so much joy," Kennedy said.

Their greatest joy is sharing their love of reading, with more books on the way!

"I want to make reading fun for everyone!"

The book, "The Mystery of the Missing Baby Bottle," is available at online retailers, including Amazon.

Sisters Victoria, Kennedy and Taylor Quick from Triangle Lake Montessori recently worked together to write a book about the life and activities of their little brother. The book, "The Mystery of the Missing Baby Bottle," is now published! Triangle Lake's literacy critic had an exclusive interview with Victoria, the oldest sister, on the school's news show. #goodnewsGCS

Posted by Guilford County Schools on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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