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How dads are important for their teen's development

Life lessons dads teach their teens that prepare them for adulthood.

Loving and nurturing dads can make their teens feel like super stars. Teens will feel like they can conquer the world and this is important because life can and will be hard at times. 

Teens who have a high perception of themselves and of their abilities should be able to bounce back quicker from hard times.

Dads can teach a great lesson about perseverance through sports. 

Whether dads is playing pick up games with their teens or watching from the sidelines. Dads know that you can't win them all. 

They teach perseverance by encouraging their teens to not give up, show grit during the hard times, regroup or refocus if your first play isn't working. 

Teens will learn that there aren't short cuts in life. It's hard work to get to the other side. This perseverance will help their teens when they transition to the work force. 

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You know sometimes it isn't easy to get teens to talk to you. If you want your teens to talk then listen. This means make it easy for them to talk to you. The more relaxed dads are, the more comfortable teens will be. Dads have to make it easy to talk to them. 

This also means no harsh judgments or criticism. Listen to understand. Ask questions to further your understanding of what's happening in your teen's life. Your teen will have to feel safe talking to you. This means being accepting. 

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