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3 tips to look confident on video

With technology still a big way people are connecting instead of face-to-face conversations, there are ways to sell what your saying on camera.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — As we’ve experienced, the pandemic has changed the way we do business. 

Since we’re not meeting with people face-to-face anymore, many people are finding other ways to engage with customers. One way is making video. But, many people are nervous to be in front of a camera.

To calm your nerves before you go on video, be sure that you d know what you’re going to say before you get on camera. This means topic and points you want to make. The more comfortable you are about what you’re going to talk about, the more comfortable you’ll look on camera. It’s like preparing for a test, the more you know the material the less anxiety about taking the test.

When using your cell phone to make videos, there’s a natural tendency to look at yourself on the screen. The screen draws your attention like a mirror. Whenever you see yourself in a mirror, what do you do? 

You look at yourself when you’re getting ready. To convey warmth through video, you have to look at the camera because it’s as if you’re looking directly at whoever is watching.

A common question is what to do with your hands. I suggest that when you’re making important points that you use a hand steeple. Or use your hands to accentuate important points.

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