School is back in session and while many people are worried about how stressful getting back into class can be, sometimes we overlook how stressful it can be for teachers.

Psychotherapist Nannette Funderburk joint us on The Good Morning Show with some tips on how to deal with stress.

The American Federation of Teachers report that 73% of teachers say they are "often" under stress. According to studies, most teachers experience job stress at least two to four times a day, with more than 75 percent of teachers' health problems attributed to stress.

Dr. Funderburk has some tips on dealing with stress.

First, take a break. On vacation days, make sure you are doing something for yourself that is fun and possibly even frivolous.

Second, connect. Connect with veteran educators who have weathered the storms well, even if they are not in your specific school.

Third, keep up with your own professional development. Learning about new ways to apply techniques is often times very helpful. Going to conferences helps remind you that you are a highly educated education professional. Remembering the professional that you are can provide a confidence boost.

Finally, remember these 4 areas: Bio, psycho, socio, spiritual. Addressing these areas in your life multiple times a week can help to defeat the, all to common, burnout.