With excitement of your teens going to college and starting a life on their own, comes a lot of emotions for parents about letting go. For many of you, it’s hard to imagine not seeing your teens everyday.

A common mistake that parents make is not realizing that your role as a parent has changed. You’re no longer the captain of their ship, directing the course of their life. Your role is now more of a compass or navigator, directing the journey – advising of obstacles only. You don’t make their decisions anymore- where the final destination will be. That’s scary for many parents to lose that control.

A harsh reality is realizing that your teen's schedule isn't on your schedule anymore. It's not up to you about when you see them, talk to them or visit with them. You're not dictating much. You’re accepting more.

To deal with the onslaught of emotions that you'll have, focus on yourself. Accept that it’s a time of transition for you too. Have a support group you can turn to. Figure out ways to keep busy. And it’s ok to reach out to your teen when you want to connect. Just keep in mind that they may not reach back out immediately and that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or need you.

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