Feeling confused or abandoned in your relationship. There's a term for that. It's called Relational Wilderness. Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman is joining the Good Morning Show to talk us through ways to spot it and overcome it.

Relational Wilderness describes a season in a relationship where one or both partners feel confused, empty and/or abandoned in their relationship.

Possible sings one or both partners may experience include isolation or felling a lack closeness. They could also feel discouraged and there is no hope and that you have tried everything.

Another is engaging in excessive overthinking. This comes during a stressful time and a partner will begin catastrophizing and thinking things are much bigger than they are. This often results in bitterness, hurt feelings, and burnout.

And lastly, substance use. A partner will begin numbing and keeps them from having to confront their problems or issues.

Some helpful ways to overcome Relationship Wilderness are making a conscious decision to avoid comparison. Instead use this time as an opportunity to discover induvial and joint weaknesses.

Press forward and experience new growth. Be steady in the storm, discover you relational mystery, don’t avoid, but walk through your problem, and keep a positive outlook. Create healthy ways to connect with your partner, so try new and different things together.

And lastly, participate in supports groups, seek professional help, or attend couples seminars.

Jill invites you to join her Therapeutic Mindfulness Facebook Group and visit her website for upcoming seminars and events.