GREENSBORO, N.C. — Faster than a hurricane, itself, are the rumors swirling on social media ahead of a big storm. The VERIFY team continues its myth-busting series with common claims about hurricanes.


  • Can taping windows protect against hurricane damage?
  • Are wind speeds the main concern with a hurricane?


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


First, can taping windows protect against hurricane damage? FEMA says, surprisingly, it is a claim 54 percent of Americans dangerously believe, and it is false. 

FEMA says taping windows is a waste of time and money and will not do anything to keep your windows in place. Permanent wind shutters are your best defense against flying debris and wind. At the very least, plywood is a much safer choice than tape.

Secondly, are wind speeds the main concern with a hurricane? FEMA says 84 percent of Americans believe this claim, and that is why when a hurricane downgrades (from a three to a one, for example), people most at risk think they do not need to evacuate. It is a false perception.

As we have previously verified, the greatest threats to human life in a hurricane are flooding and storm surge. So, always heed evacuation warnings and give yourself enough time to get out of the storm's path.

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Always listen to the warnings, and before you click "share," be cautious and ask us to VERIFY.

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