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Listening To Your Gut Feeling

Listening to your gut feeling can help you make better decisions if you have some facts to go along with it.

We all have hunches or gut feelings about life and people. Do you always listen to that gut feeling? A recent article titled "Older People's Most Common Regrets" pointed out that many older people regret not listening to their gut feelings when making life altering decisions. Perhaps, you have a gut feeling of not marrying your partner, starting a new business or moving across country. The premise is that your gut feeling won't lead you wrong. 

Should you always listen to your gut feeling? No, you shouldn't unless you have a gut feeling about your safety.

The key word about gut feeling is feeling. Making decisions based on only emotions isn't the necessarily the right thing. You should have facts along with your gut feeling to help you make the best choice. 

Many times your body will react to these gut feelings. You might feel weird or different than you typically do. You can get stomachaches, lose your appetite, get headaches or feel scared. It's as if your body subconsciuosly knows that something isn't quite right. 

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