When we think about trust in romantic relationships, we think about fidelity. Knowing that your partner won't cheat on you. But, trust is more than being faithful.

Yes, faithfulness is one component of trust. You gotta know that your partner only has eyes for you. But, I’m talking about other actions that build trust. I’ve developed an acronym for trust.

T is for telling the truth. You know that your partner means what they say. There’s no second guessing whether they’re leveling with you.

R is for reliability. That you can count on them when you need them, whether it’s for emotional support, physical comfort or to help you out.

U is their unrelenting love and loyalty to you. This means that they got your back. They stand up for you even when you’re not around.

S is for sincerity in their feelings and actions. They do things for you and say things to you because they want to not because they’re obligated to.

T is for transparency. They willing let you know what’s going in their lives. There are no secrets. Keep in mind that secrets and privacy are different.

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