GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A new, surprising, money fact involves women and it's so important, the Good Morning Show crew decided to bring in an expert to talk about it.

USA Today featured a recent Merrill Lynch and Age Wave report, showing 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than money. Surprising, right?

The article suggests, the fear may have a lot to do with the pay gap between men and women. But one thing for sure, Money expert Ja'Net Adams says you have nothing to be afraid of.

Adams wrote the book, The Money Attractor. She shares three main tips to get women excited about having the money conversation.

1. Women live longer:

"They at least live longer than the men," said Adams. "My mother has already outlived my father by twenty years and the same for her mother. Ladies because we live longer we have to make sure that our finances are in order. That means making sure your bank account, investments, and retirement are overflowing. You want to live out your life stress free and having money in the bank will do that for you."

2. You have things to do:

"Do you have dreams? Dreams take money! Think about what you most want in your life and then research what it will cost you to make that dream a reality. If you have problems talking about money this exercise will help you to get comfortable because the result is getting what you want."

3. You could help someone else:

"Talking about money can help other women talk about money. We talk about everything else and when we do we are able to help each other. Money is no different. Those talks could lead to someone saving more money, getting paid their value, creating a will so that their children are cared for, insurance being purchased, and so much more. Overcoming your fears around talking about money could lead you and a friend to financial freedom."

Adams says women shouldn't be afraid to talk about money. "There is more to gain than there is to lose!"

You can get more tips from Ja'Net Adams, by clicking here.