GUILFORD COUNTY, NC -- A lot of teenagers go through a rebellious phase and research shows, in some cases, not having a father in the home can contribute to that.

The effects of an absent father, especially on a young lady, can be devastating.

According to a research paper published by Krohn, Franklin B. and Bogan, Zoe in the College Student Journal about “The effects absent fathers have on female development and college attendance,” there can be low self-esteem, relationship issues, teen pregnancy, homelessness, suicide and many behavioral problems.

A local organization is trying to do something about it.

This weekend, the I Am Queen nonprofit is hosting the Fatherless Daughter Community Forum to help build self-esteem and empower young women.

Out of 20 young girls between 10 and 18 in the organization, only about 5 have fathers in the home.

Founder Alana Allen says the goal is to bring in fathers to empower young girls by sharing wisdom and guidance.

The nonprofit dedicates its efforts to building the young girls into leaders.

“This event is dedicated to my girls but I also wanted to open it up to the community,” she said.

The Fatherless Daughter Community Forum is free and open to the community.

It's this Saturday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Power Play Center in Greensboro.

For more details or questions, please contact Alana V. Allen, founder and executive director at 336-638-1315, or visit