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Making things right with mom

How to recover after disagreements

The word mom evokes so many emotions. Moms do so much for us throughout our lives, from taking care of us from birth to still looking out for us when we’re adults. From time to time, we disagree with our moms. Other times, we find that we aren’t as close with our moms as we’d like. If you’d like to get closer to your mom, here are a few suggestions.

Share how you’re feeling with your mom. Tell her that you miss her and you’d like to find a way to get your relationship back on track. When you tell your mom your feelings and that you miss, you’re opening the doors to communication because you’re not talking about blame or fault.

Before you have a conversation, it’s best to figure out what you want. Do you want to see your mom more frequently? Do you want to be able to talk without arguing? Do you want your mom to respect a decision that you’ve made? Once you figure out what you want, reverse engineer how to get it. Let’s say that you want to stop arguing. Figure out the hot topics and talk about what makes them a hot topic for both of you. Decide together what you can discuss and what you can’t. Be sure to stick to your agreement.

Sometimes, your mom may not be ready to work things out. And as hurtful as that might be because you want to move past the hurt, realize it’s better to give time to the time instead of rushing. If you rush, then it’s more difficult to find healing.

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