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How to deal when your spouse is blamed for a joint decision

People who don't agree your decision might blame your spouse. Blanca Cobb explains why this happens and what to do about it.

With the latest controversy surrounding Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, for leaving their positions as senior royals, many people don't think that he would have made that decision. Critics in the United Kingdon are blaming Meghan for taking Harry away from his royal duties and his brother, William. 

People automatically jump the gun and blame without knowing all the facts. You see, you try to make sense of what's happening. If something doesn't make sense then you'll fill-in-the-blanks and not necessarily with the correct information. Many times, you'll make the situation fit into whatever makes sense. 

Back to Harry and Meghan, there are various possible reasons that they made the decision to step back as senior royals. Perhaps, they talked about what they wanted in their lives. And to achieve their goals, perhaps, it doesn't include being an active part of the Royal family. Or, perhaps, he wanted out of his Royal duties. Or, perhaps, he wants to protect his wife from the media scrutiny. Or, perhaps his loyalty to his wife is stronger than to his family. Or, perhaps there's another reason we don't know about. So, in your own life, you and your spouse can make a joint decision for a multitude of reasons. 

If you're blamed or your spouse is blamed then you can either ignore it or address it. It shouldn't matter what anyone says or thinks about you or your spouse. You only answer to yourself and your spouse. But, if you choose to address and offer an explanation, be prepared that you won't be believed because some people won't change their minds even in the face of clarifying information or facts. Once you explain, drop it. If you try to explain further then it can come across as you're trying to convince. 

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