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Helping mom let go as kids grow up.

Soon they’ll be out the house, but always in your life

Life is easier when your kids still live at home. One reason is because it’s easier to keep tabs on them and still be involved in their lives. A big part of your identity is tied to your children as a mom.  For 18 years, you have taken care of them. You watch them grow up, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to let go when they graduate high school.

Many moms fear that their kids will no longer need them when their kids leave home. This is simply not true. Kids will always need their mom. Kids need their mom’s support, guidance, love, advice, companionship, and tough love.

When kids start their lives, it’s hard for moms to sit back and wait for their kids to reach out. As hard as it is, sometimes, it’s best to watch from a distance. Moms are so used to doing things for their kids, that it’s hard just to watch. You want to jump in and help when you can. So you call, check-up and check-in. For some kids, it’s too much. They want and need time to figure it out. They’ll reach out. You just have to be patient.

The best way to stay emotionally close to your kids once they leave home is to be available when they need you. You reach out at a frequency that suits your kids. If you have more than one child, they may have different needs for connection with you. One may want to maintain constant more than the other. Let them know that you’re available when they need you.

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