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Monday Motivation: Why you should stop caring about what other people think and focus on you

Coach Lynch Hunt answers a Good Morning Show viewer's question about why you should stop caring about what others think and instead focus on your own needs and value

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you overcome a challenge or an obstacle, you give yourself some props or toot your own horn so to speak.  It's how we encourage ourselves and maybe others to do our best.

A Good Morning Show viewer wrote in with this question.

Delores Adams said: 

"When I'm proud of myself or my work, people on my team say I'm being cocky or bragging.  When really, I'm just patting myself on the back.  I'm struggling with this because I'm starting to feel like they don't like me.  Do I stop being happy for myself so they'll treat me like part of the team or just keep doing me?"

That's a great question!  According to health and wellness expert Lynch Hunt, the answer starts with you.

"I think we've all been around people long enough to know people are always going to find something to talk about good or bad.   I learned your life isn't yours if you constantly care about what other people think," said Hunt, who owns A.W.O.L. Fitness in Greensboro.  

"Once you get clear about what you're doing and why you're doing it, other people's opinions of you will no longer matter anymore.   We become free when other people's opinions, their thoughts, their words, and their actions can no longer invade our mind or occupy time," said Hunt.

Hunt wants you to remember to focus on what truly matters.  "People's opinions are just a projection of their reality and their insecurities so we don't need their approval to validate our self-worth.  They don't know your journey, they don't know where you've been and they don't know where you're headed. So, just be true to yourself!  Be bold in pursuing your goals and dreams and never apologize for being you.  And if you stay true to this, then the world will change their opinion of you, the day after you do."

Coach Lynch Hunt contributes to the Good Morning Show's Monday Motivation segment every week at 6:45 am.  If you have a question you want answered email it to tmccain@wfmy.com.