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Monday Motivation: Your epiphany moment

A WFMY viewer asked a question about experiencing an epiphany before deciding to lose weight. Health and Wellness Coach Lynch Hunt explains why you shouldn’t wait!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wouldn't it be great if every bright idea you had hit you like a ton of bricks? 

Sometimes that bright light goes off automatically, but if it doesn't what do you do then?  It's the subject of this week's Monday Motivation question.

Sadie Hinge said:

"I can tell I'm gaining weight, because I'm going up in sizes, but I'm still not motivated to exercise.  I think I'm waiting for it to just hit me.  Did you ever have a health epiphany that made you change your lifestyle?"

Great question!

Here's the answer from health and wellness expert Lynch Hunt.

"Motivation is about having a strong enough motive to act and that's why it takes a health epiphany like hitting rock bottom or what I call a S.E.E. moment before we decide to change directions," said Hunt, who owns AWOL Fitness in Greensboro.  

"I've personally had several S.E.E. moments, which are significant emotional events.  It's the point when you've had enough.  You're fed up and you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I've had to tell myself that this is not me, this is not who I was meant to be and this is not how you will remember me. Change is a universal challenge that we all resist because most times, it's too much work.  As human beings, we're all wired to take the path of least resistance and we're all motivated to do what's easy," said Hunt.  

"The more energy it takes to do something the less likely it's going to be for it to occur.  When it comes to behavioral change you have to make the bad things hard and the good things easy.  So the bottom line is, if you assume that things are fine the way that they are, then you won't improve and you won't get to a better place.  But if you can tell yourself that your goals are worth a little temporary discomfort, then you can start to make some small changes and over time you will create changes in your life."

You can have your health, wellness, or fitness question answered by sending an email to tmccain@wfmy.com.  Coach Hunt answers your questions every Monday at 6:45 a.m. on the Good Morning Show.

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