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Motivation Monday: Boost your drive and accomplish your goals

Life coach and health expert Lynch Hunt shares three ways to motivate yourself back to good health

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When things are going right with your life, you're unstoppable!  You feel great. You stand taller.  You're more confident.  

During the pandemic, last year and even now people are struggling to get their drive going again. WFMY viewer, Sophia Anderson is going through that right now. 

She writes:  "I have been so unmotivated since the pandemic. It's not just my health. It's everything. Dating, work, friendships.  Everything stopped and I haven't been able to get myself back going.  How long is this going to last? What can I do?" 

For answers, we turned to motivation expert Lynch Hunt.

"Everybody's gotten stuck or suffered from lack of motivation or lack of drive at some point during the last year or so.  Some of us struggle with it daily.  When we're stuck it's because we're seeing things from a 30-thousand-foot view and it looks scary from so far away," said Hunt.

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"When the bar is set so high, we don't believe we can accomplish the goal. We feel overwhelmed because it is so big and it's much easier to just avoid getting started," added Hunt, who owns A.W.O.L. Fitness in Greensboro.

Hunt offered these three steps to help increase your drive and get back into your groove.

1.     Focus on one thing:

"Jumping from one thing to another keeps you in a perpetual state of never getting anything done.  Motivation comes from getting things done and that's easiest to do when you take action one thing at a time," said Hunt.

2.    Start small:

"It's important to do the things we know we can do so that we can get a sense of accomplishment and in hindsight, you will realize it's the small things that make up the big things that we're seeking in the very beginning."

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3.    Create daily routines and rituals:

"Creating those daily routines and rituals lead to habits.  Once you've established that habit it's going to be almost impossible to get stuck and be unmotivated for too long," said Hunt.

"Hearing all of that can make you frustrated all over again.  But here's the good news; if you implement this advice you can overcome your lack of drive and get back to the passion you once had in all areas of your life."