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Managing those Move-In Day Emotions

Becoming an empty nester is an adjustment

Many college students are headed back to dorms and apartments. As excited as the students might be, there are probably a few parents who are feeling a bit sad. And some parents might be caught off guard by a different emotion.

 Sometimes you show anger when trying to cover up any sadness, and you may not realize it’s happening. You might also feel frustrated because you didn’t have enough time with your student. Or you’re angry because you’re unsure how life will change. You’re content with how life was. It’s hard to let go of your kids.

When you return home from moving your student to college, your home might not feel the same. You might feel an array of emotions when you walk by their room and know they’re not there. Or, the house seems quieter than usual. Or, you miss hearing them move around in the morning as they start their day. Or, the first several family meals might feel different because they’re not there. It’s a lot to get used to.

One of the best things you can do when trying to control your emotions is a physical change. This means to keep something physically busy, move another box, or walk into another room. The point is to break the current thought process by doing something physical. 

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