BURLINGTON, NC -- Have you ever felt uneasy walking alone? Or maybe you've been in a situation that made you feel threatened or uncomfortable. Unfortunately it's a reality for many people, especially on a college campus. But a few moves can help get you out of a dangerous situation and maybe even save your life.

At Burlington Krav Maga they specialize in self defense and fitness. Owner Shannon Marshall-Hughes is a black belt in Krav Maga. She walked WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner through some easy-to-learn moves on The Good Morning Show.

The hope is that you'll never have to use these moves. Always be aware of your surroundings, never walk alone and stay away from bushes, open car doors and dark areas. If the worst case scenario should arise, these Krav Maga tips will help you stay safe.

First, basic combative moves like punches and kicks will most-likely help you escape. Attackers expect you to be vulnerable and not fight back. So fight. Marshall-Hughes says use your shoulders and hips to punch and thrust your hips forward for a powerful kick. As soon as you can, get away from your attacker. Run and keep your hands up. Try to get behind the person attacking you as the front of their body is more dangerous.

Next, if someone grabs your wrist there are a few ways to escape. If it's a soft grab Marshall-Hughes says to use your forearm to escape, turn and run away. If it's a harder, more threatening grab you'll want to punch and knee your attacker to get away.

Your most important weapon is your voice, so use it! Yell, scream and call attention to yourself. That might deter the attacker enough for you to get away. If they persist and try to pull you, don't resist and pull back. Instead Marshall-Hughes says use the momentum from the pull to burst toward your attacker then punch and knee him/her.

Finally if someone wraps their arms around you try to create some space. Marshall-Hughes recommends popping your hip out, dropping low and widening your stance, throwing your elbows back to get away from your attacker and then kneeing him/her before getting away. Remember to breath as you hit the person attacking you.

Burlington Krav Maga teaches self-defense and martial arts classes weekly. You can learn more on their website. They are located at 2322 South Church Street. The gym is hosting a Pink & Fierce Women's Self Defense Seminar on October 28th. They'll go over some of the moves seen above as well as other ways to stay alert and safe.