WHITSETT, N.C. -- You probably drive right by it without knowing all the good that goes on there, but here's why Peacehaven Farm matters.


The Guilford County farm connects people with special needs to their community. Melinda Billings, the farm's communications coordinator says it's a place where the families grow vegetables and relationships.

"It's a working farm that offers a job for everyone," said Billings. "We opened our first home at Peacehaven in November where eight people live and we hope to open more."

The first home is called Susan's View, named after one of the organization's founders. Four adults with disabilities and 4 adult assistance live there and take care of the farm year round.

"They live together as a family, sharing the things in life that all families experience. Cooking together, doing chores together, they even go to the gym together every day," said Billings.

There's a walk April 26, 2015 to benefit Peacehaven so they can help more adults with disabilities.

"We have plans to open more and expand our services and programs. And we hope that one day there will be 30 adults with disabilities living at Peacehaven. This walk is a way for us to raise money to help that mission and a way for us to make new friends. We're calling it a fundraiser and a friend-raiser."

You can help connect people with disabilities and the community just by signing up for Peacehaven's 2015 Farm Walk Sunday, April 26. WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain will get the walk started right at 2 p.m.

Walkers of all ages and abilities can join in on the one or two mile stroll around the farm. To register, click here.