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Practice School Lunch With Your Kindergartener?

Eating lunch at home vs. at school is a different experience with time constraints, conversations and distractions. Blanca Cobb shares tips to help your little one.

School is right around the corner and we want to help your little ones have a successful start. One mom posted an idea of helping your kindergarten get use to the short amount of time to eat and how to use the containers in their lunch box.

I think it's a great idea to simulate school lunch with containers and a timer. The one thing that I would add are distractions because this what happens in school. Talking instead of eating. Someone asks you for your food. At home, where it's just mom and the child eating lunch is more focused and less likely to happen at school.

To practice with distractions, eat lunch at a park, sit outside and schedule a lunch playdate where the kids sit by themselves and moms watch from a distance. It's unlikely that there will be a timer in the school cafeteria. So talk to your child about watching the teacher for nonverbal cues. The teacher will give notice about cleaning and getting ready to go back to the classroom.

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