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Protecting Your Health: Be Prepared For Summer Germ Hotspots

Handwashing can easily help prevent illness and the spread of germs.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The germs of summer are out in full force. 

They're hiding in picnic food, pools, and public bathrooms.

Let's start with all those great summer foods.

You already know that you should cook your burgers well enough to prevent E-coli. 

But, did you know that cooked meats, salads, and condiments can only be outdoors for about two hours? 

If you plan on hitting the pool, whatever you do, do not swallow the water. 

Some parasites are resistant to chlorine.

You might want to also take your children to the park, beach, or other fun places this summer.

Make sure that you watchout for all of those germs hiding in the public restroom. 

You might want to consider bringing hand sanitizer and some extra tissue. 

But, the CDC says, handwashing can easily help prevent illness and the spread of germs.

Here are some other tips to protect you and your family's health:

  • Clean cuts: The summer comes with injuries for children playing outside. Clean a cut and cover it with a band-aid to avoid an infection. 
  • Hang towels: Wet towels are an ideal place for bacteria to thrive. Hang towels for drying after you take a dip in the pool. 
  • Avoid bug bites: Summer bugs, like ticks and mosquitoes, also come with bacteria and diseases. Use bug spray with DEET to avoid bug bites. 
  • Sun exposure: Don't forget about the dangers of the sun. Make sure you and your children wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.