GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Get more for your money as you do your back to school shopping. Yes, it's really possible. WFMY News 2's Money Expert Ja'Net Adams shows you how to do it in three easy ways.

Adams says the last thing you want to do is waste your time and your money! One way to avoid that is to get started now.

"It is definitely time to prepare so that you are not scrambling later," said Adams. "Scrambling is code for wasting money. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck then follow these tips."

Adams, who wrote the book, Debt Sucks: Everyone's Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams offers these three ways to win this back to school season.

1. Shop At The Right Places and Look For Hidden Gems

"We all know about the usual stores for school supplies like Target, Walmart, Staples, and Office Max, but believe it or not salvage stores will have school supplies for a fraction of the cost. Goodwill is another place to check out. If you have a child in elementary school, get your book back for $5 at Five Below," explained Adams. "They're great quality for less and my kids bags have lasted for the past two years."

2. Shop for Discount Clothes:

"Think about buying school and next summer clothing, now. Stores like Target are trying to get all of their summer clothing out to make room for new merchandise so you can go in there right now and get clothes for $5 or less, $10 the most and stack up for next year!"

3. School ends next July, not this November:

"As you take advantage of these back to school deals, make sure to buy enough school supplies to last until the end of the school year. Don't just buy enough for a few months because that means you will have to buy more and by that time the sale will be gone and you will be back in the land of wasting money."

Adams says the big take away is that saving starts now. "School may be a few weeks away, but your time is now to save money."

You can find more tips like these and get additional financial advice from Ja'Net Adams through her website by clicking here.