WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- If you think kids can't make a difference, think again. In Forsyth County preschool through elementary school kids are learning about sharing by donating cereal - a food they can relate to - to kids in need.

It's called the Wee Care! Cereal Drive and it runs through March 24th. Schools and daycares across Forsyth County are asking kids to bring in cereal boxes that will be donated to local food pantries. Crisis Control Ministries has hosted the drive since 2001. In 16 years the organization has collected 61,000 boxes of cereal.

Alongside the drive kids will learn how to read food labels and how to choose nutritious foods. Each child goes home with a packet of related activities to do at home, healthy recipes and more ways to learn about food and donating to those in need.

To donate to the cereal drive, request a collection box or give to Crisis Control Ministry check out their website: