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How to be a good sport when your Super Bowl team is winning

On eyes will be on the Super Bowl game between the Forty-Niners and the Chiefs.

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Spectators are divided between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Energy will be running high and some people might get rowdy over their teams. You might think that you're celebrating, but your enthusiasm might rub some people wrong. For everyone's enjoyment, it's important to be a good sport about your team winning. 

Your enthusiasm can rub people wrong because it's a collide of positive and negative emotions. You're feeling great and fans of the opposing team are feeling bad about the loss. Your enthusiasm (voice, behaviors, facial expression) can get into someone's personal space. Your excitement turns into gloating. 

As much as you may not want to, you should consider tempering your enthusiasm. The high of the win will only last so long. Is it worth the possible long-lasting problems with friends and family. How do you know that you've gone too far? Pay attention to nonverbals - change in their voice, tight facial expressions, turning away from you. Good indicators that they're getting angry. So, know how far you can tease so you don't cross a line. Or, keep quiet. 

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