You might not think the words saving and millennial go hand in hand. But, have you seen this USA Today article?

A new survey by Bank of America found one in six millennials has $100,000 or more saved away. That's up eight percent from two years ago. So, does this survey dispel the stereotype that millennials are not financially responsible?

Financial expert and Debt Sucks author Ja'Net Adams dissects it. She said it's important to assess the survey's three key percentages.


Adams: "The study said 16% of millennials has $100k saved. Many people can't believe this number, but they need to look deeper. First, 16% is not a high number. Also, this study looked at millennials aged 23 to 27. I am on the upper end of the ages mentioned, and when the 2008 Great Recession happened, I had already been enrolled in a matching 401k for six years, and so those individuals who make up that 16% more than likely have been investigating for 15 years. So, it (the percentage) is not far-fetched."


Adams: That is the percentage of millennials saving money, which many people will be surprised at, because there is an ongoing joke that millennials spend all of their money on avocado toast. The truth is that majority of this generational group experienced the Great Recession in one way or another. They were teenagers who had seen their parents lose their home or maybe they were graduating college and could not find a job. That leads us to the next number."


Adams: Thirty five percent of millennials feel they are not saving enough. This generation has more student loan debt to deal with, and the cost of living continues to rise. It is harder for them to purchase homes and participate in the economy. This generation has the same anxiety of those who experienced the Great Depression, and so they are going to always want to save more."

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