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Take The Anxiety Out Of Start Of Middle School

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be anxiety provoking for kids. Blanca Cobb shares tips to make the transition easier.

Back to school can mean back to school jitters for some kids who are transitioning from elementary school to middle school. This morning, we want to talk about ways to help your kids have a fantastic start to the new school year.

Before academic year starts, many middle schools have an open house or get to school night for rising sixth graders. Meeting teachers, getting familiar with the campus and meeting other students can help kids feel more comfortable and confident on the first day of school. Ask guidance counselor for names of kids who live in the same neighborhood so you as the parent, can reach to the parent and coordinate a meet and greet. 

When kids go to the open house, learning the logistics is important. Many times your kids might say that they know everything about the school, but knowing the layout of the campus will help them have a great first day. This means that they should know where certain things are located: classes, bathrooms, cafeteria, places where kids hang out during breaks and lunches. Also, they should know how much time it'll take them to walk to their classes. It seems simple enough, but when they're chatting with friends, going to their lockers and walking to class then time can race by and they'll be late for class. The more they know about the campus and rules, they more confident they'll feel. 

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