It's been a tough week on the heels of those two deadly mass shootings. Vigils popped up all across the country as communities came together. The shootings at a walmart and near popular bars, make the situation for Americans even scarier. 

As a parent, you want to shelter your kids and protect them from the ugliness that happens in the world. And as scary as it can be, it's important to tackle these tough subjects to make your kids aware and help them stay safe. Stick the facts, particularly with the young ones. Limit details and graphic images. The main point is to tell them that bad things happen and you want to help keep them safe. With older kids, you can give more details if your kids want the info. and it's relevant.

Never make promises to your kids that they'll always be safe because you can't guarantee their safety. Share with your kids what precautions you, their school and the police take to ensure safety. Let them know that everyone can help keep each other safe, by paying attention and reporting situations that don't seem right. 

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