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TEDx Talks in Greensboro share big and bold ideas to help improve Triad communities

The annual TEDx talks have a focus on Greensboro and the surrounding community. Featured speakers will present big and bold ideas on emerging concepts & objectives.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Spreading ideas worth sharing!  It's the primary concept and goal behind TEDxGreensboro.

You probably know it as TED Talks but this series puts the focus on our local community.

The one-day, annual event brings bold ideas to the stage as featured speakers talk about what's big and next!

This year's event is back in person and features 8 speakers who are at the forefront of their fields in science, medicine, technology, and other emerging concepts that impact society.

Matt Anderson is the Vice President of Programs and Business Development at Children's Home of North Carolina.  Anderson is one of the featured speakers at the 2021 TEDxGreensboro event.  He talked with WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain about his plans to share stories about foster care and his ideas on child welfare reform.

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"I've been working in the child welfare field for the last 14 years and there are some really important stories in that field that need to get out.  There are some new big ideas about how we're trying to make our child welfare system a whole lot better to help families thrive instead of being so focused on fostering and removal of children from their parents," said Anderson.

The idea includes active community involvement so that families stay together and have access to help and resources before problems reach a breaking point.

"Imagine yourself being 7 years old and being removed from everything and everyone you know and placed with a stranger.  The trauma, the confusion, and the fear of that experience is unhealthy for kids, and it's unhealthy for families and communities as well, which means it's not good for society," said Anderson.

Also featured at the in-person TEDx event, a former CIA agent who shares a technology warning and scam-proof ways to keep you from being a target.

Peter Warmka is now the President and CEO of the Counterintelligence Institute, LLC.  He said there are cybercriminals who are always studying you on the internet and waiting for the perfect opportunity to scam you.

"It does happen a lot and where we become really exposed is with our usage of social media because through social media the threat actors can choose us, they can identify us, and they can gain access to our information to study us on what we're putting out there in a public domain," said Warmka.

The intelligence expert offered these three ways to protect yourself.

1. Minimize your footprint on social media 

2. Use all the privacy restrictions available to you

3. Verify then trust

"In today's world of human hacking if we trust and then undertake action and then try to verify it later it's too late.  If it's really malicious, it's way too late.  So we have to first verify first this message whether it's email, text, or telephone call that it is coming from an authentic source," said Warmka.

TEDx Greensboro is this Thursday, October 7 at the Van Dyke Performance Space in the Greensboro Cultural Center located at 200 N. Davie Street.  

You can find the full list of speakers and ticket information here.